Gustave Courbet, The Stormy Sea (The Wave), 1869

A good hostess always makes sure her guests are comfortable. That's what my mother taught me, and there's just no arguing with that woman. So here are a few things you should know...

All of the fiction here is adult in nature, and the vast majority of it is slash. In case you're not down with the lingo, this means that it portrays romantic, sexual relationships between people of the same gender. In my stories, it's usually men. If this icks you out, please feel free to leave. You're among friends here. No one will talk about you after you're gone. Promise!

Also, and I really hate to mention this because I have no age bias and one of the best parts of growing up for me was babysitting for that couple down the street who had the really interesting library, BUT the law is the law. If you're a minor, an underage reader, a lawsuit waiting to happen, please hit the road. Yes, I know life isn't fair and being a kid sucks. Please come back when you're a grownup.



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