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NEW! Moment of Impact: J/B, R, Drama

Blair suffers a serious head injury in the line of duty and can't remember anything about his life, much to the puzzlement of his doctors. So what is so bad that he has to forget? That's what he needs to figure out. (A story in progress)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

PART 3 WARNING: Language.

Tribal Customs Series

Fan fiction based on the television series The Sentinel.

Tribe Sentinel: J/B, NC-17, First Times

September, 1998 (216K)
By helping a couple in trouble, Jim and Blair finally manage to put the events of SenToo behind them. NOTE: This was written before S2P2, and things turn out much differently in this universe.

Progeny: J/B, NC-17, Drama

January, 1999 (364K)
Let's face it. It's never easy being Sentinel and Guide. Jim and Blair turn to their friends for help with the latest bout of weirdness, and the past comes back to haunt everybody.

Commencing: J/B, NC-17, Drama

Things get strange. Nothing is what it seems. Jim, Blair and the rest of the gang learn why Sentinels have returned. Coming...eventually!

Sentinel Stand Alone Stories:
Long and Involved

The Break: J/B, NC-17, First Times

May, 1998 (278K)
Jim and Blair manage to heal the break between them with the help of a mysterious young woman. There's magic!

Laying On Hands: J/B, NC-17, First Times

November, 1998 (156K)
In the wake of a debilitating injury, Blair turns to a faith healer, much to Jim's dismay.

Why Go Home: J/B, NC-17, Drama, Romance

October, 1999 (270K)
Blair once again goes under cover in a mental institution, this time to help a young woman who has been unjustly committed. Jim discovers things about Blair's past that give him serious concerns for his safety.

The Unlikely CEO: J/B, NC-17, AU, First Times, Drama, Romance

November, 1999 (212K)
Blair is the black sheep of a wealthy industrial family, who oddly enough is named heir to his grandfather's fortune. Jim is the security consultant hired to protect Blair from the danger that comes along with his plans for sweeping corporate reform. NOTE: Thanks to Shar for her contribution to the story! Thanks also to JudySue for her marvelous beta reading.

Familiar Stranger: J/B, NC-17, Drama, Romance

May, 2000
A disturbing case casts suspicion on Jim and tests the boys' relationship. NOTE: This story deals with rape and contains violent content. Read at your own peril.

Sentinel Stand Alone Stories:
Short and Sweet

Renewal: J/B, NC-17, Episode Related

January, 1999 (36K)
After the events of S2P2 and Murder 101, Jim finally understands what's been bothering him and how to fix it. Inspired by a James Merrill poem.

The Faceless Man: J/B, NC-17, First Times

March, 1999 (73K)
When Blair tells Jim how he feels about him in the wake of Veronica's betrayal in Dead End on Blank Street, Jim can't handle it. Then Blair starts going out, looking for male company, trying to move on, and Jim really can't handle that.

Change: J/B, G, Episode Related

May, 1999 (16K)
How Jim might come to grips with Blair's sacrifice in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Solitude: J/B, R, First Times, AU

September, 1999 (65K)
Jim is a farmer, part of an old-fashioned religious group that still embraces a traditional way of life, and Blair is a hippie drifter, who gets into deep trouble while passing through the community. They end up saving each other.

NOTE: Occasionally, someone writes me a rant to tell me how I totally got the whole Amish experience wrong, even though I have always admitted in my disclaimer that I know nothing about Amish culture, that my goal was to say something about Jim and Blair, not the Amish way of life. So now, let me make it clear that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Amish. This is my own made-up culture, a group of people set apart from mainstream society, living a more traditional life that is based on agriculture and infused with religious sensibility. And if you still feel the need to write me with complaints, at least use a valid address so I can respond. Thank you.

Oh, and there is still shameless borrowing from the movie Witness. Just not any of the Amish people.

Stories from Zines:

Photographic Evidence: J/B, NC-17, Drama

Originally published in CTYS 14
At a crime scene, Jim finds evidence of Blair's youthful indiscretions, and it forces him to confront painful and long forgotten events from his own past, as well as to navigate his feelings for his Guide.

Erotica: J/B, R, Romance

Originally published in Angel on My Mind 1
Blair feels exposed and counts on Jim to help him avoid embarrassment when a woman he dates violates his trust in a most revealing way.

Surrogate: J/B, NC-17

Originally published in CTYS 15
My take on the Jim-has-Sentinel-sex-trouble-so-the-boys-have-to-do-it theme. Some cliches are just too much fun to ignore.

Golden Haze: J/B, B/multiple partners NC-17

Originally published in CTYS 16
A missing scene from Blind Man's Bluff. I just had to wonder what was going on in Blair's head while he was out of it on golden, and somehow, this is what I came up with. Warning! It's a lot kinkier than my usual fare.

Pretender Stories

Trust: Jarod/Miss Parker, R, Drama

The more Miss Parker learns about her family the more confused she is about who she can trust. Thanks to Rubin and Angie T. for crossing the lines of fandom to beta read this for me.

Essays and Snippets

Anna's Theories on Everything

#1: The Friend in Jim
#2: Female Characters and Women Slashers
#3: Future Possibilities, Present Loves
#4: Why Prostitute Stories?
#5: What Sentinels and Gay Men Have in Common
#6: Domestic Discipline and Me (probably not for DD lovers)

Snippets and Obsenads

The Bath
Homicide: Life on the Street (Or Love in the Loft)
The Art of War

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