Georges Seurat, End of the Jetty at Honfleur, 1886

Erotica in Angel on My Mind

Blair feels exposed and counts on Jim to help him avoid embarrassment when a woman he dates violates his trust in a most revealing way.

Photographic Evidence in Come to Your Senses 14

At a crime scene, Jim finds evidence of Blair's youthful indiscretions, and it forces him to confront painful and long forgotten events from his own past, as well as to navigate his feelings for his Guide.

Surrogate in Come to Your Senses 15

My take on a favorite old standard. Blair discovers that Jim's senses are having an unfortunate effect on his sex life. He convinces his Sentinel that practicing with his Guide is the only way to solve the problem.

Golden Haze in Come to Your Senses 16

Blair has an extremely unusual dream while under the effect of the golden, but does Jim know what he was fantasizing about? (Kinda kinky, folks!)

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